Although popular belief has made us think for years that this is only “men’s thing”, testosterone is essential for the health of any human being. There are many men who think that testosterone is responsible for forming lean muscle and increase libido, but really its benefits are many others.

When we have controlled levels of testosterone, we are fighting depression, maintaining blood sugar levels and a healthy heart, as well as strong bones and a lot of vitality. In fact, as men get older, having optimal testosterone levels is related to a death from any cause other than the aforementioned ones legal steroids.

If you’re worried about when testosterone levels start to drop, they usually reduce by 1-2% each year after age 40. Even yes, obesity and diabetes causes these levels to be lower than normal, even before 40.

So, if we have to maintain certain ranges of testosterone, can we take supplementation without problem? It really is not like that. Most men who struggle with low testosterone symptoms believe that a gel is the solution to their problems, but it is not that easy. It is estimated that only one in 10 men could notice the benefits of supplementation.

It may seem logical that to raise testosterone go to an extra, but you can only notice changes the first 2 months, then you return to your initial level or a little lower.


6 reasons why you have low testosterone

Once overcome the barrier that taking supplementation is not necessary to raise testosterone levels, we tell you 6 reasons why normal production is being lower.


High levels of abdominal fat

Some time ago we talked to you about the problem of being obese abdominal . You may not be at the level of being obese, but you do accumulate too much fat in your abdomen. You will not solve this problem by taking supplementation, what you need is to lose fat.

Fat in the abdomen increases the activity of an enzyme called aromatase, which transforms testosterone into estrogen, one of the main causes of having a low level.

So if you want to increase testosterone, focus on losing your beer belly.


Lack of sleep

Not only gain weight and fat favors the reduction of testosterone. Having a bad break negatively affects any area of ​​physical and mental health. Actually, sleeping is the cheapest “medication” that exists and that will ensure an increase in low levels, in addition to improving muscle mass, mood, health and libido.

The Journal of the American Medical Association found that healthy men (aged about 24) who slept only five hours, for a week, experienced a 10-15% reduction in testosterone.

To raise testosterone levels, sleep at least 7-9 hours each night, and take a nap (30 minutes) to increase the total weekly sleep time.


These very stressed

Modern life is very stressful, recognize it. We are connected 24/7 to a mobile phone or a computer, pending work or obsessed with family problems. The stress hormone, cortisol, is created from the same hormonal components as testosterone, because if you exhaust the reserves of cortisol your body will pull testosterone.

Playing sports is an important factor to de-stress, although doing it in excess (overtraining) can cause stress. To compensate for stress, avoid taking too much caffeine, eliminate alcohol and find time to meditate or disconnect completely.


Lack of nutrients

Maintaining a varied and balanced diet is essential to be properly nourished. Micronutrients such as zinc or vitamin D are necessary in the production of testosterone. And having a lifestyle in which we drink too much alcohol, take too much cereal, lack exposure to sunlight or have low levels of blood sugar, cause deficiencies of this type of nutrients.

So if you think that by taking a supplement, you will increase your levels, you are wrong. There are studies that show that taking zinc or vitamin D supplementation only serves to increase the level in people with deficiency.

If you really want to have a normal production, the ideal is that you are in your weight, get enough sleep and do not stress.



Being overweight and a large accumulation of fat in the abdomen impairs testosterone, insulin and blood sugar levels. This usually occurs when you have a diet loaded with processed carbohydrates, sugars and excess calories.


Having a high level of insulin displaces the production of testosterone towards androstenedione, a much weaker hormone of testosterone, and will occupy the areas in the receptors that would correspond to testosterone. Remember that although it is tempting to use supplementation, the only thing that will help you lose weight.

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