Onychomycosis: Treatment for Nail Fungi

The onychomycosis is an infection caused by nail fungus (remedio de farmacia unha encravada), both hands and feet. Although it is easy to identify, it is recommended that a doctor diagnose it, so that you have the certainty of suffering from this condition and not another. But, what is the best treatment? In this article I want to recommend several home remedies so you can put an end to it permanently.

It is a fairly common infection, according to medical statistics; at least 20% of the population has suffered, or suffers, from this problem.

Symptoms and Causes of Onychomycosis

The easiest symptom to recognize is the appearance of yellow spots that extend along the nail, and finally end up lifting, which makes it easy to diagnose.

The superficial part of the toenails (mainly the big toe) and the hands are usually the most affected, although depending on the severity, the infection can go deeper.  Other symptoms are: brittle nails, dull, opaque, and could give off an unpleasant odor.

Mushrooms need hot, humid environments, and this is usually the main cause for the emergence of undesirable microorganisms. The most common risk factors are the following:

  • Walk barefoot in wet areas like gyms, swimming pools.
  • Diseases such as psoriasis increase vulnerability.
  • Use of footwear that does not allow “breathing” to the foot.
  • Nail disorders.
  • AIDS, Diabetes.

5 Quick home remedies for nail fungus

As you should know, I am not a friend of any pharmacy when it comes to fungus. Drugs, in my personal experience, did not report as many benefits as home treatments. No commercial name, no lacquer, laser, topical product, cream or ointment, have been as effective as the remedies that I detail below:

  1. Yogurt

It is a very powerful natural probiotic, in addition to having active cultures that help restore balance so that bacteria do not grow back. You should repeat the following procedure 3 times a day: with a clean brush soak in plain yogurt without sugar.

Without fear, put a good amount of yogurt, and let it dry . Once it has dried, clean with plenty of water, and dry well. If the infection is mild, this is enough, repeat it until the infection disappears.

If the invasion is more aggressive, you can support yourself by consuming your oral route, every day. It is a very important and effective reinforcement.

If you still do not know the book: No More PDF Fungal Infections, written by Linda Allen, you are missing your best chance to eliminate fungi forever!

  1. Home treatment with garlic paste for nail fungus

It is the natural antimicrobial, the best. It is very effective to eliminate these problems at the root. As in the previous point, I am going to recommend a topical way to apply it, and as reinforcement you should consume it regularly.

You must grind 10 cloves of garlic, and submerge them in a pot with 2 cups of water. Let it boil for 3 minutes and let it cool until it reaches a temperature that your skin can stand.  Dip the feet for half an hour, rinse and dry. Do the same 3 times a week.

  1. Oxygenated Water, Alcohol, and Apple Vinegar

The combination of the 3 is excellent, since you get a very powerful and effective natural antifungal. If you add a little alcohol to this, you will also achieve an antibiotic and antiseptic effect capable of eliminating any type of microorganism.

It is quick to prepare and easy to use.  Fill half a cup with apple cider vinegar, and oxygenated water in equal parts (eye! only up to half a cup between them), and add 2 tablespoons of alcohol.

Add this mixture to a glass jar (put a label so you know what it is, and do not confuse it), mix well, and let stand about 3 hours.

Subsequently, with cotton soak on the mixture, and applied several times a day on the area. Repeat every day until the problem disappears.

  1. Lemon and Salt

It is a natural antifungal that you can use as a remedy to cure the condition in which you find yourself. On a plate, add 1 tablespoon of salt, and moisten it with 5 drops of lemon, apply directly on the affected part, let it act half an hour, rinse and dry. Repeat this procedure 1 time every day.

  1. Using Vicks Vaporub

Normally it is used for respiratory problems, but we will take advantage of its antimicrobial properties to restore the health of our nails. It is very simple; you should only apply Vicks Vaporub on the nail, and then cover it with gauze. Every 6 hours repeat the same, until you notice the improvement.

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