Hilton Marjan Island Presents Attractive Vacation Plans

Spending the vacations in a place heavily covered by tourists ruins the fun and privacy. It has been observed that couples and families prefer to have more privacy in order to enjoy their special moments. Those who want to book a stay plan should consider the doubletree hilton marjan island in this season. This would be your first step to recognize the best entertainment and enjoyment plans ever. This place has become a hot spot for the tourists in UAE but it is different than other traveling options.

Privacy guaranteed:

As a matter of fact, this cluster of four manmade islands is very special in the matter of privacy. We understand the value of your time, money and expectations. This is why we use a different strategy. We offer Deluxe Rooms in the beautiful Villa Buildings. These buildings have been developed with an aim to maintain the privacy of families and couples. Now you can get the key of your separate Deluxe Rooms in order to enjoy the vacations.

Book club rooms:

Those who are interested to book rooms with sea view should focus on the Club Rooms. There are total 238 Bay Club Rooms at Marjan Island. These rooms are considered special because of the stunning and cool view of the 650 meters long beach. On the other hand, Marjan Island presents the Ladies Only spa center. This center is the best place for girls and women interested to enjoy the spa facility during their stay at Hilton Resort.

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