Do you lack desire? Practical advice to increase libido

The libido is what we know as “sexual appetite”. It is the desire that emerges in each person, product of their erotic fantasies and their qualities that is why it is a term used both in psychoanalysis and in medicine Male Extra review.

Hormones! Present

Hormones play an important role at the level of the libido and it is very common that they increase at certain times and less common that the levels fall. Thus, the circulation of androgens can influence human behavior since certain neurons are sensitive to steroid hormones and these androgens are in turn related to the regulation of human aggression, something that is directly linked to sexual “hunger”.

How to increase male libido?

Needless to say that if the libido is low and a person is in a couple, for example, we are facing a case that begins to be seen as problematic. The fundamental reasons why a sufficient level is not reached are usually linked to a poor diet, followed by a habitual stressful lifestyle.

Here are some simple steps to reach a higher level of male libido:

* Incorporate more lean meats, dairy products and poultry products. The zinc present in these foods provides a greater production of testosterone, which is the hormone indicative of libido levels.

* It is very important to begin to reduce the excessive consumption of carbohydrates, especially those rich in sugars, since with them we raise our normal levels of insulin in the blood, decreasing the production of testosterone.

* Increase the consumption of fats such as Omega 3, present in fish and crude oils, is essential for blood circulation throughout our body and the production of testosterone.

* No Smoking. It has always been known that smoking is harmful to health because of damage to the lungs; however we can realize that it is also an important factor in reducing sexual pleasure or libido due to nicotine. This builds up over time in the arteries thus restricting the correct flow of blood.

* A good exercise routine suited to each person provides high levels of testosterone.

* Natural supplements such as Ginseng, Maca and Ginko Biloba help stimulate blood supply and increase physical energy; two fundamental factors when we talk about the male libido. They can be obtained in dietetics in different versions.

* Try to fight stress. Yoga, deep breathing exercises, meditation and even regular exercise are great allies.

* Sleep well. Indispensable a rested body to produce the necessary hormones and to be able to perform all day both in commitments and in pleasures.

How to increase female libido?

The female libido is like a roller coaster. Variable according to the stage of the month and according to age, fragile before changes and in different circumstances; That is why many women seek help at specific moments in their lives. A study on the subject made by the University of California revealed that women age better and lengthen their lives if they have an active and satisfying sex life. It is proven that sexual enjoyment in women helps to sleep better and to fight against stress.

There are women for whom, if there is low libido, the desire disappears. They do not miss it, however, psychologically, they are in need of it and if they have a partner, that lack of sexual desire and the lack of caresses and intimate activity keeps them away.

The good news is that female libido almost always comes back, although sometimes you have to take a supplement, which is very effective today.

What influences the loss of female libido?

The factors that influence sexual appetite or female libido are many and varied. We will list some of these factors:


* Female libido and overweight

Fat cells change the balance of the sex hormones in a woman’s body. Overweight is not a determining factor in the loss of female libido and we can see it in many women who despite having overweight, have a satisfactory sex life. Excess weight affects mainly when the self-esteem is diminished. If a woman is not happy with herself, she “negativizes” the concept they have of her body and that is reflected in her desire.


* Female libido and contraceptives

Contraceptives affect the female libido since, by its intake, the natural hormonal system of the body is unbalanced. It must be taken into account that contraceptives produce types of hormones that limit others and make them “inactive” so that the cycle of procreation does not come to fruition. That makes many women literally “turn off” in their libido. Of course it is not a general rule but it can happen in many women.


* Female libido and physical fatigue

Physical fatigue affects every aspect of life, including social and sexual relationships. Proof of this is that most of a couple’s sexual relationships occur on weekends, when daily occupations are not overwhelming.


* Female libido after giving birth

Women who have just had a child usually lose their libido. Prolactin causes the female libido to be affected negatively.


* Female libido and medication intake

There are medications that directly affect the libido, such as antidepressants or drugs.


* The feminine libido and the problems of couple

Lack of confidence, jealousy, lack of communication, can affect sexual desire.

The emotional situation is a vicious circle that closes in bed. If you are not comfortable, surely the interest of one of the two parties, necessarily affecting the other. If there is no desire, there is no tenderness, if there is no tenderness, there is aloofness, if there is estrangement, and there is no sexual appetite.

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