Buy Premium Optical Distribution Frame Types Online

Do you need efficient optical distribution frame types? With the passage of time, these distribution frames have become important for the installation of cable interconnections. Communication facilities are being upgraded. This is why connectors and ports should also be upgraded in order to develop a smooth transformation. It is believed that distribution frame types can play a significant role in this matter. Therefore, you are suggested to check the most common but important types available in the markets. We are going to share some valuable information about frame types available at Cozlink.


1-U Rack Mount ODF:


It is also called 1-U 12-Fiber ODF. This frame is considered important because of SPCC material. It has a dimension of 480 x 250 x 1U with 12 cores. On the other hand, it comes with a single 12-Fiber Splice in light grey frame. This frame works efficiently in minimum -10 and maximum 60 degree Celsius.


2-U Rack Mount ODF:


This ODF is also attractive for the buyers because of 480 x 300 x 2-U dimension. It is also based on SPCC material making capable to work in harsh environments.  Plus 60 Celsius is the maximum temperature it can easily afford when installed outside. On the other hand, it can work in cold conditions (minus 10 degree Celsius) with a storage capacity of minus 25 to plus 85 degree Celsius.


Other important types:


Cozlink presents numerous types of the ODF for buyers. Below you can find the top rack mount frames.


  • 3-U 48-Fiber ODF.
  • 4-U 72-Fiber ODF.
  • 6-U 96-Fiber ODF.
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