Are you thinking of putting your apartment up for sale or have you already taken the step and have not yet received offers for it? Have you noticed that in some real estate portals there are ads that are still there after months and yet others fly right away? If you want to make your flat in just a few weeks home buyers houston, follow these 5 tips to sell a flat.


  1. Choose a good real estate agent

Currently, we have at our disposal a multitude of portals and tools in which to advertise a home. However, choosing a real estate agency will save you time and headaches, especially if the house is in an area where there is a lot of stock or if you are going to sell a second home in a different city from where you live.

Selling a flat is a job in itself. Therefore, a good real estate agent will help you to make your home stand out from the rest of the area and sell it beforehand.


  1. Take care of the first impressions, are decisive to sell an apartment

Another key to selling a flat in record time is to make your home more attractive. Have you heard about Home Staging? Follow some of his advice so that your home transmits the best impression.

Repair the damaged. Is a blind broken? Investing in fixing it will not be expensive and will improve the appearance of the house.

Order and cleanliness: The more orderly and clean the house, the better. Also, keep in mind the smells. If there are smokers or animals in the house, it is best to ventilate the house and use air fresheners with a mild aroma to neutralize the odors.

Remove old furniture. One of the keys to Home Staging is to “depersonalize” the house so that old furniture and obsolete or shabby decoration do not cause bad impressions to potential buyers.

Free space: The square meters of the house will be another detail in which future owners are fixed. If yours is not too big, spaces with light or white colors will make the house look more spacious.

  1. The photographs are fundamental

So far we have talked about the advice to sell an apartment when buyers open the door, but it is very important that they reach that door.

And the key to buyers being interested in your home for sale are the previous photographs that you see of the flat. These will be responsible for awakening the desire of buyers to visit the property.

It does not matter if the house is spectacular, if the photographs that potential buyers see are dark, blurred and taken from unflattering angles, the sale will not prosper.

How should the photographs of the floor you are going to put on sale be?

Clear and with good resolution. Fuzzy photos will give a bad impression.

Highlights the strengths of the home. If your house has a spectacular terrace, the ideal thing is that you take the picture on a clear day and remove any object that could spoil the stay. If you have a bright space, let the photographs reflect the light in the house.

Photograph all the rooms and details you want to “sell”: Your home has four bedrooms and two bathrooms. Why photograph only the living room and the kitchen?

Video or 360º photographs. The more attractive your ad is, the more likely you are to close the sale of the home in a short period of time.

  1. Be very clear about the price and minimums of the negotiation

The price of a home depends on its pricing, but also on the supply and demand that exists in the market. A floor with very good characteristics and qualities will not cost the same in a city where there is much demand than in another city where it is lower.

A floor may be worth a lot for its quality, but in a market that does not buy; the final price will be less than it is worth. In the same way, the personal situation of the seller and the buyer count.

All this can be confusing and a roller coaster of negotiation and doubt. To avoid uncertainties and doubts, we must be very clear about the negotiation lines. Knowing well what minimum price is what we will be willing to accept, what the starting price will be and what range of prices are desired.

If you have a professional or a real estate consultant, he can guide you on the prices of the area and help you negotiate with the seller.


  1. Have all the documentation at hand

To formalize the sale of the property, once we have found the buyer interested in our apartment, you will need certain documents that you, as owner, must have on hand.

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