5 Basic tips to decorate your home

Some interesting tips to decorate your home better.

If you are thinking about giving a change of image to your home or you have bought a new floor and you need to start with the decoration to give it that own and personal touch that identifies you and makes you feel much more comfortable, here are 5 basic tips to decorate your home that will be very useful.

1- Balances the design with the functionality: The decoration should be attractive and attractive but it should also be practical for your daily life. What do we mean by this? That every day you have needs that, a practical decoration wofs daily horoscope, can help you cover more easily and that perhaps having a luxurious piece of furniture can be an inconvenience if you have small children because they will not know how to take care of it. Find the balance.

2- Safety is paramount: That our second council is not meant to be less important than the first, in fact, safety is paramount. You must evaluate that the furniture, the appliances, the curtains, the stairs and everything is totally safe and much more if there are children in the house.

3- Separate the spaces: Separating the different spaces of the house gives a more modern and personal touch to the decoration. You do not necessarily have to separate them with walls and doors, but you can opt for other more aesthetic and economic alternatives such as a tall piece of furniture, a screen, a bookcase and even mark the space with a rug.

4- Lots of light: The lighting in the room is very important. When we recommend to put a lot of light is because nobody likes to have a room in the dark, perhaps we need a lower light in the bedroom to rest better but still choose to paint the walls and ceilings in light tones so that the little light we use be reflected in them.

5- Look for harmony between the different rooms of the home: Everything belongs to the same house so the decoration of the different rooms must follow a line that creates a harmony between them. You cannot decorate a bedroom in the minimalist style and a rustic – old kitchen.

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