Likes and Comments are an important key to success on Instagram. If a posted picture gets more likes, it also gets more attention, which leads to more likes and more followers. Therefore, it is crucial to think about how to get a lot of likes. It is of course also to pay attention to the relationship between effort and number of likes. It does not do much to invest many hours every day to get a few likes and buy custom instagram comments.

To get more “hearts”, there are many advices that you can follow. Here are 19 Instagram tips that meet the following important criteria:

  • Free or low cost
  • Feasible for everyone
  • Acceptable to low cost
  • Good to excellent results
  • Sustainable success

Tip # 1: Personality

Understandably, some users try to carry as little personal information as possible into the internet. But those who want to achieve success on Instagram and get many likes, can not avoid a personal appearance in every way. This starts with the profile picture, continues with the information in the profile and, of course, also includes the posted photos as well as the captions.

For example, the profile should contain detailed information about yourself. The profile picture may be a selfie or another personal, but definitely serious image act. Even with the posted photos on selfies and other personal pictures should not be waived. Ideally, the lyrics also contain one or the other personal touch. If you look at it, you automatically get more likes.


Tip # 2: Your own brand

Anyone who succeeds in building their own brand will automatically receive more likes due to its growing fan base. Building a brand is easier said than done, but you should spare no effort here.

It is important to position yourself as an expert in your subject area, to deliver content that nobody else delivers in this form, and to be present for your target group. It is also helpful to create your own hashtags, which are picked up and used by the users. All these points will help to establish your own brand and get more likes in this way.


Tip # 3: Create a Business Profile

Creating a business profile on Instagram requires very little effort, but will also contribute to a higher number of likes. If you have a business profile, you can see a lot of statistics so you can find out which ones are especially popular, where the followers come from, and so on. So you get to know a lot about your target group, you can tune the future content even better and will therefore automatically get more likes.


Tip # 4: Like and Comment

To get more likes, you should not rely on the quality of its content, especially at the beginning. The best content is of no use if nobody finds it. Therefore, you should be an active part of the Instagram community, the posts of other users from their own subject area, like and comment.

In this way, one is present, can convince by his professional knowledge and attracts users to his own contributions. Some of these users will undoubtedly make likes and some will certainly follow their own profile. It’s no coincidence that this approach is one of the most popular and well-known ways to get more likes.


Tip # 5: Stay true to its theme

This point is also crucial. It does not make any sense to post about any conceivable topic, as it does not really appeal to a target group. In addition, you will only be able to retain a few users if only a small proportion of the posts cover an issue that actually interests the target group.

Instead, focus on a well-defined subject area and convince users of high-quality content. So a higher number of Likes will adjust itself.


Tip # 6: Exciting content

Of course, content is one of the most crucial points to achieving success on Instagram. After all, the best marketing strategy is of no use if the content provided does not appeal to the majority of users. To deliver exciting content, first of all pay attention to its quality. However, quality does not necessarily mean that you only post the very best photos. But completely blurry or pixelated pictures are not suitable.

However, quality also means that you provide your followers, for example in the form of helpful captions, with knowledge that they are looking for. However, what exactly quality means depends to a great extent on the demands that the target group makes, so that there is a lot to analyze here as well.


Tip # 7: Do not neglect captions

Of course, even though Instagram lives from the posted photos, the captions are still very important to get more likes. In this way, the users get background information about the image, understand its message better and will distribute more likes. Of course, the style of such a caption may vary depending on what kind of photo it is and there are hardly any limits to your own creativity. Good ideas for the content of the captions include the following options:

  • Explain the context of the posted image
  • To give a fitting anecdote for the best
  • Quote a clever saying
  • Post a clever tip
  • Attach a personal request

As the Hootsuit blog explains , emojis, animated icons, can also get more attention in the caption. This is also the request to express his opinion, so by caption to ask comments, as conducive to interaction with the users.


Tip # 8: Use apps

The road to first success on Instagram is long and stony enough. That’s why it makes sense to take shortcuts wherever they go. A great help on Instagram, for example, represent the various apps.

For the image processing especially the app “Aviary” is recommended. The TagsForLikes app, on the other hand, makes it easier to find the best hashtag, while the Instagram “desktop app” makes it easy to use Instagram on the computer.


Tip # 9: Much does not always help a lot

It is true that you should keep your followers happy by regularly posting to get as many likes as possible. But you should not overdo it with the posting frequency. It takes a while until a post on Instagram is fully effective. One should not take this potential by posting a new photo ahead of time.

However, what is the ideal frequency cannot be answered in a general way and can only be determined by trial and error.


Tip # 10: Buying Instagram Likes

Especially in the beginning, experience has shown that it is particularly difficult to get likes. Therefore, buying Instagram Likes offers an interesting opportunity to get around these initial difficulties. However, it is important to ensure that you do not fall for one of the countless, particularly low-priced offers, as this usually offers inferior services.

But if you decide to buy a high-quality provider that really conveys real Instagram likes from large exchange networks, you can significantly accelerate your success on Instagram. For example, social media marketplaces should be able to benefit from increased reach, improved interaction rates and increased growth.

Some people reject the purchase of Likes for moral reasons. Realistically, however, you have to realize that such practices are more or less common, so you really do not need to have any major scruples.


Tip # 11: The right posting time

To get as many Likes, you have to pay attention to when you post. If you post at a time when the target group is hardly online, you should not be surprised if your photo receives little attention.

Although the ideal day of the week and the ideal time differ from target group to target group, it can generally be said that Instagram users are active at many different times of the day.


Tip # 12: Work with other users

As a rule, Instagram is not alone in its topic area. And the competition has the same goals as you, to get as many likes and followers as possible. What is more obvious than to enter into cooperation? This benefits both sides and the effort is limited. In addition, it creates a network that can be extremely useful for future marketing campaigns.


Tip # 13: Do not hide

Since, as already mentioned, the personality on Instagram plays a crucial role, it is also important not to hide, but at least on some photos to show his face. Studies have found that photos showing faces are up to 35% more likely to be mistreated than other photos. Anyone who observes this, so to speak, receives significantly more likes without any extra effort. However, you have to give up his anonymity completely.


Tip # 14: Blue photos for more likes

This tip may seem bizarre at first glance, but its effect has been scientifically proven. Photos that are high in blue color are about one-quarter more likely to be mistreated than photos dominated by other colors.


Tip # 15: Be clear about the target audience

Knowing the audience is key to getting more likes on Instagram. It is not enough to decide from the gut and to believe that you know the target group and know what they want. On the other hand, you should invest a lot of time in the target group analysis and consult forums and social media, for example, to get an idea of ​​what the target group is:

  • Thinks
  • Feels
  • What worries or fears she has
  • For which problems she seeks solutions
  • And what wishes she has

Then you should then vote its content. This tailor-made content will eventually give you much more likes than you would if you were lucky enough to post. Incidentally, you can also obtain particularly in-depth information about the target group if you simply ask them directly about the things mentioned above.


Tip # 16: Hashtags as the key to success

Since Instagram would be completely unthinkable without hashtags, of course they also play a big role when it comes to getting more likes. On the one hand, it is tempting to opt for those hashtags that are particularly sought after. However, they bring with them the problem that their own contribution disappears quickly in the mass of posts.

For those hash tags that are rarely used, the reverse is true: your own post remains visible for a long time, but since the hashtag barely searches, the post is not often seen. When choosing the hashtags you should therefore go the right middle ground.

Even with the number of hashtags it is better to focus. That means: quality instead of quantity.


Tip # 17: Use filters, but only discreetly

Filters can certainly enhance a picture. However, you should also be careful here and especially to dispense with the most prominent filter, as they can look dubiously. A moderate use of subtle filters, however, is a great option to set certain accents.

In addition, it may be advisable to postprocess his photos before uploading with a professional program such as Photoshop or Gimp.


Tip # 18: Advertising – online and offline

Also with the help of advertising you can get more likes. However, not only the Instagram ads offer, but also offline, advertising can turn out to be quite lucrative. This is due in particular to the fact that the competition for offline advertising is generally comparatively low.


Tip # 19: Success is a matter of mind

Perhaps the most important tip for getting more likes in the long run is the inner attitude. Only those who believe in achieving their goals will have the perseverance to go all the way and take all the necessary measures to ultimately ensure success.

It must not be forgotten that maintaining an Instagram account is hard work. Anyone who still expects success to come to him without much effort will probably never get many likes.

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